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FAT BURNING - with 120 - 150 heart beats per minute, snowbiking is a wonderful fat burner.
HIPS, 'ABS' AND 'BUTTS' - Snowbike total body workout increases your wellbeing while trimming and toning.
YOGA BREATHING - Snowbike opens the door to the three-phase YOGA technique.
EASY ON JOINTS - the full suspension reduces the stress on your joints. Mobility is the key to a healthy life.
MORE OXYGEN - Snowbike is a high altitude fitness training device. More oxygen is absorbed in your blood.
30% MORE CALORIES - Move your body in fresh winter air and burn up to 30% extra calories.
RELAX - get in to the rhythm and become one with the bike.


LESSON 1: Head on Shoulder
Make turns by simply tilting your head to the side you wish to turn into.
LESSON 2: Controlingl Speed and Linking Turns
The turn of your head causes the rear ski of your Snowbike® to skid and thus scrubbing down speed.
LESSON 3: Basic Sitting Position
Keep your arms straight and knees together.


POWDER - It's like flying an airplane and floating through clouds. Sit back in your seat and enjoy the ride.
CARVE - Challenge the G forces. Lean on your edge and lower the handlebar close to the ground.
REBOUND - Control your down-weighting and un-weighting with the rebound of Snowbike's Active Suspension System.
SPIN - Turn around your own axle, double, triple and quad.
JUMP - Execute table-top jumps and back-flips.
SPEED - The top speed registered on a Snowbike is 166km/h.


CHAIR - Hook the Snowbike with its saddle on the armrest so that you do not have to carry any weight. Footskis are mandatory for lift operations. While traveling, always hold on to your equipment.
GONDOLA - Collapse the Snowbike and take it inside. Within seconds the Snowbike folds down for easy transport.
T-BAR - Stand upright and straddle the Snowbike with your thighs up against the handlebars. Do not try to sit down. Footskis are mandatory for lift operations.
CAR - No roof rack or ski bag required. All original Snowbike models can be collapsed within seconds to fit in the trunk of even small cars.
AIPLANE AND TRAIN - All Snowbike models do fit in the orignal Snowbike Wheel Bag. Trolley your bike with ease.


Is riding a Snowbike dangerous?
Because the rider's center of gravity is low (sitting down), and there are six points of stability (2 feet on the ground, a front ski and back ski and 2 hands on the handle-bars), the Snowbike is very stable and easy to control.

How easy is it to learn to ride a Snowbike?
The Snowbike is designed to respond to the natural movements of the human body. Learning to make turns, link turns and stop simply requires a shift in body weight. This combined with built-in stability, allows the rider to progress quickly.

Is a Snowbike heavy?
The Snowbike is very light. Bike models range in weight from 3.5 kg / 7 lbs (Kiddy) to 6.8 kg / 15 lbs (C4 Model). Snowbikes can be carried with one hand.

Is it difficult to put a Snowbike on a chairlift?
The Snowbike is designed to rest comfortably on the arm of the chairlift.

Is snowbiking just a craze? Does it offer a challenge?
The Snowbike has all of the inherent components to offer the rider a lifelong challenge. It is quick to learn, but takes a lifetime to master like any other sport.


Snowbikes are far easier to learn than skiing or snowboarding for beginners of any age. On your very first run, you will be laughing and enjoying yourself. Whatever age or skill level, riders progress with ease and comfort on a Snowbike. You will enjoy a day of riding in the mountains with no aching muscles because the Snowbike is designed to be low impact - relaxing in the hot tub at the end of the day becomes a choice, not a necessity.

High Performance Riders
The high performance capability of the Snowbike presents the expert skier with the challenge of a new winter sport. With no limits to the potential of the Brenter Snowbike, high performance riders can strive for style, perfect technique and hard expert lines. Like skiing or snowboarding, riders spend a lifetime mastering these high performance machines.

Lapsed Skiers
The Snowbike is a full active suspension bike which requires far less stamina and is low impact on the knees and back yet offers no less sport potential. The lapsed skier can excel in advanced terrain without the strain on joints and even meet or surpass their skiing ability in a short time. There is no real age limitation to participating in this sport - keep riding into your 70's and 80's!

The Snowbike is a great equalizer for varying skill levels. Friends and families will be riding together in no time. Co-workers can ride side-by-side, leaving no one behind. It is a great morale booster and a terrific opportunity to engage in something that everyone can do regardless of experience or ability. The Snowbike is truly for anyone and everyone.